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Miki – Media learning in kindergartens

Grundtvig 2 – Lernpartnerschaft


Children in preschool age need support and assistance for discovering playfully the media environment and to integrate it into their own life. Many parents and adults living and working with preschool children in Europe feel not prepared for this order of media education. The focus of the project Miki is on European exchange of experience and good practices of adults (trainers in education, the educators themselves and parents, grandparents and childminders) as learning partners in the common task media and education in preschool age. Miki gives the possibility to get an impression of activities in the field of media learning in kindergartens in several European countries what includes also the discussion of need and understanding about media learning and education now and in the future.Concepts, ideas and good practise from the involved countries are to be collected, discussed and examined for transferability with special focus on disadvantaged families. This happens face to face in 4-days transnational meetings in several partner countries. The collected results of exchange will be arranged on a website which includes also communication in special and several forums.

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